Nik Tarasov

Portrait von Nik Tarasov

Aura edition is a publishing project of Nik Tarasov, a key person in the current recorder scene.

He combines decades of experience in everything to do with the recorder in a creative and diverse way:

He is an internationally known performer on the recorder.

Apart from playing traditional recorders he specialises in the modern harmonic recorders he developed himself, as well as on restored original instruments. Recordings are available on DVD, CD as well as in broadcasts on radio and television.

He is a member of the business team at Mollenhauer Recorders in Fulda, Germany, where he is responsible for managing the quality control, as well as for research and the development of instruments.

The development and making of modern harmonic recorders were his initiative.

In 2013 he also developed ‘Elody’ – the electrifyingly cool recorder, for Mollenhauer Recorders.

He is curator of the Aeon Workshop Collection of historic recorders, flageolets and Csakans, as well as an archive of historic literature and collections of music manuscripts and prints.

Publishing activities:
Editor of recorder music for several publishers.
Musicology articles in journals, music handbooks and dictionaries. Chief editor of the German recorder journal Windkanal – Das Forum für die Blockflöte.

Nik Tarasov is the current holder of the rotating presidency of the German ERTA (European Recorder Teachers Association).